2020 Vision: What’s Trending?

Posted by Jen Brueggen on Jan 22nd 2020

Hello, 2020: The “Year of Purpose”! 

In this new decade, people are looking more deeply into what can bring them fresh, positive vibes for 2020, and much of that includes choosing products with meaningful importance. They want a holistic approach to their wellness and self-care, and to be surrounded by the patterns and colors of nature. 

Bold and uplifting earthy colors, like a deep red Baked Clay or an invigorating green shade like Chartreuse. The starry night sky and cosmic colors are also on trend for 2020, as well as a wild at heart approach to animal prints that include bright colors and bold patterns. 

Being a zoo focused on conservation through education and awareness, we strive to support many other conservation-minded organizations through events we hold throughout the year, our Donate-A-Dollar program from our admission sales, and through the products we offer in our Gift Shop.

Like this organic cotton tote bag! Here are a few other items we offer that are both beautiful and purpose-driven.

Displaying beauty around your home and office, like these Handmade Sequin Ornaments:

The Christmas season may have passed, but these ornaments can be on display all year long. They support villages in Nepal and India, as well as provide dental care to them. By supporting people, the animals and plants surrounding them can also benefit from their success and well-being. 

Reading Books for the Wellness of the Mind: 

Reading about the world around us and enjoying nature is beneficial to our peace of mind. 

In addition to The Nature of Florida book and the Adventures of Chicago Chance & Frank Robb, we have many books that range from field guides to children’s books to the history of our zoo and more. The Adventures of Chicago Chance & Frank Robb coloring book also benefit crocodilian conservation and the First Responders in the Chicago, IL area. Without their help, the Alligator Trapper Frank Robb wouldn’t have been as successful catching Chicago Chance. 


Either as a gift to a loved one or yourself, jewelry says to everyone around us how much we care about our world:

The purchase of bracelets, like these, can help to conserve and heal the environment. Having these bracelets around your wrist will be a daily reminder that you contributed to a worthy cause, a conversation starter to help spread the word, and a reminder that there is hope for the future.

Animal print paintings from our crocodilians and lemurs:

These paintings are done by ambassadors of their species and the money from these beautiful works of art go to help their kind out in the wild. Having such unique artwork will be a grand addition to your home and office decor, a statement that this is the “Year of Purpose”!

Many of these products are available online and many more are found in the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Gift Shop.

The Gift Shop is open during the same hours as the zoo, everyday from 9am to 5pm, and you don’t need a ticket to the zoo to shop in our Gift Shop. 

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We love hearing from you, and look forward to seeing you at the zoo in 2020!

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